Day 449: Vaguely Designer Sneakers

Whenever I’m out and about, it’s interesting observing the cross section of music industry types. Here’s a small sample size:

- The over-eager person in their early 20’s, pulsating with pent up nervous energy, a decade at least away from resembling a fully fledged human being, thrown, baptism by fire style, into a hyper-competitive and constantly evolving industry and trying their best not to burst into tears.

- The benignly smug person in their mid to late 20’s, who’s stumbled upon a little success entirely by accident but thinks they’re John Lennon. They’ve been comped enough meals and drank enough Kool-Aid to be convinced not that they’re invincible per se, but they’re not run-of-the-mill mortal either. 

- The person in their early to mid 30’s, who’s had a few things break through, a couple more come close, realizes it has nothing to do with them, and finds that fact inordinately comforting. Dressed in a nondescript hoodie, jeans, and vaguely designer sneakers, all of which they got for free, they’re content hanging near the exit, the line between realism and jadedness perhaps a little blurry, equipped to say more or less the right thing at more or less the right time and generally not ruin anyone’s night. And, thank god, still not a fully fledged human being. 

I used to be the first two, currently represent the third, and have deep affection for anyone brave enough to throw themselves into the maelstrom that is this whacky business.