Every Single Day

A quick thought on practicing.

I teach guitar lessons over FaceTime/Skype (if you’re interested btw, reply to this email), and I encourage students to set a practice goal they can realistically hit every single day. It might be 10 minutes, and that’s totally fine, probably even ideal. 

If the goal isn’t crazy, the sense of accomplishment becomes addicting, and before long you’re slaloming triumphantly through unfettered creativity for hours on end. 

But it starts with 10 minutes, and it has to be every single day.

If the goal is quality, you’re building compassionately and sustainably, which results in better work 100% of the time. 

If the goal is quantity, doing something seven days a week, 365 days a year, adds up to way more volume than sporadically red lining and burning out.

And take it from someone who’s written a newsletter for 448 days in a row - it takes a deceptive amount of discipline doing a little bit of something literally every day.