Tempe AZ, Fall 2014

by admin on September 30, 2014

I love playing festivals because we realize there’s work to do.  Our ride is a crazy awesome and it’s growing fast, but we all know what’s up- we’re not a household name yet and every show means winning over folks who’ve never heard of this crazy hippy named Allen Stone.  Tonight in Tempe is no […]

Telluride CO, September 2013

by admin on September 6, 2014

Telluride is an amazing place, effortlessly beautiful, and I was told we played on a particularily gorgeous day.  Staring out from stage, I remember laughing out loud on numerous occasions, finding the sea of writhing hippies and jaw dropping Rocky Moutain vista quite the dichotomy.   That we have such an appeal to jam band […]

August, 2013- Bunk Art

by admin on August 5, 2014

I’m asked all the time whether I think touring’s hard.  There’s nothing arduous about being whisked around in a tour bus, having all your needs catered to and being told where to show up and when- the small percentage of us fortunate enough to live this life are the luckiest assholes on the planet.   […]

November 27, 2012- Copenhagen, Denmark

by admin on August 1, 2014

I remember this Copenhagen gig vividly because it was the first time I sensed Europe really opening up for us.  We’d never been to Scandinavia before, the music wasn’t on the radio and, as far as I knew, we were a completely unknown commodity.  That we were gaining fans in Holland provided a glimmer of […]

On my first tour with Allen back in June 2011, we stayed at the Shasta Lodge in Redding, CA.  Oh, the Shasta Lodge.  Well, I didn’t technically stay at the hotel that night- I slept in the van, along with Mark Sampson I think, safe guarding the gear while the other guys piled into one […]

July 16, 2014- Bach, the Journey Begins

by admin on July 28, 2014

I came back from Europe determined to change my approach.  I’ve felt detached from the guitar recently and I think the solution’s transcribing tunes again.  Bizarrely, I’ve taken a break from learning new music in favor of a kooky, masochistic creating in a vacuum thing, which I think is why music’s insidiously become a job […]

July 6, 2014- Bilboa, Spain

by admin on July 27, 2014

God damn, the festival in Bilboa was epic.  Every once in a while you play a show that fucking kicks ass, and it carries you for the rest of the tour. We’re scheduled early in the day, in the fucking EDM tent, a total last minute booking.  Some fat cats took a gamble adding us, […]