Day 450: La-Di-Da-Di-Da

I’m writing this during a break in my morning songwriting. I can typically hammer out something resembling a song without too much difficultly, but whether it’s good or not’s another thing, and lately I’ve been writing a bunch of crap. 

Yes, that’s part of the process blah blah blah, but coming up with schlock over and over again gets demoralizing, and sifting through all that mediocrity only highlights the fact that I’ve been playing Triple A ball. 

Picking up a guitar and going la-di-da-di-da fills up my phone with voice memos, but it’s not a song until there’s a story - lyrics tend to be what I put off the most, and today I finally grabbed a few lines out of the ether. The happy dance was jarring, but mercifully undertaken in private.

I find good ideas tend to die on the vine if I don’t get at least a rough draft finished quickly, so the next couple days will be about deep focus, and getting caught up.