Something Nourishing

When you write something everyday you know a bunch of people read, there’s a sense of obligation, however low-key, to be edifying, or at least halfway entertaining.

Especially given most constructive criticism I receive involves the MoaT not providing enough self-helpy bromides with optimal viral potential, whenever I’m a sleep-deprived zombie confined to his home with stress-induced flatulence, I feel I’m letting my readership down. To that end, I’m sorry.

The goal of easing the transition from pre-travel limbo to world-dominating rock and roll professional via filling my schedule has been a resounding success, and I’ve resorted to Kroger brand instant coffee. On the mission to acquire said Kroger brand instant coffee, I left the house in my underpants. It’d been an odd day.

But, as John Denver sang, “my bags are packed, and I’m ready to go.” Just a prog-rock opera to sing in, a couple photo shoots to bathe for, and a flight bound for the Land Down Under to nearly miss.

I’ve thoroughly wasted your time today, and I don’t feel at all bad about it, but I figure I’d best leave you with something nourishing. Check this out.