Feels Like Home

It’s my last night in Nashville for a while. As a guy who bounces around a lot, I tend not to think of home as a place I’ve spent a ton of time, but rather somewhere I’ve discovered profound things about myself.

Seattle, of course, feels like home. It’s where I put the pieces together so to speak - falling in and out of love, professional successes, Vitamin D deficiency, all the benchmarks that define reluctantly learning how to be a grown ass human being.

The road feels like home. Everything about myself I’m proud of shines. It’s filled with magic and dreams and good madness.

And, now, Nashville feels like home. It’s where I rediscovered my own music, literally my own voice, and, thank god, the courage to share them. It’s where I realized I’m so much more than the guy in the background.

So, here we are. The night before the Big Tour. I cleaned the toilet, Mom. I really did. First stop, LA, where I meet up with tour manager extraordinaire Ryan “Bear” Drozd and willingly place my life in his hands for the rest of the year.

Thank you all for reading this thing. It means a lot, and I have a feeling it’s about to get REALLY entertaining.