Episode 19 - Emily Chambers

Ok, so tomorrow I’ll post something more comprehensive about my pal Bernhoft, I’ll need another 24 hours getting my thoughts together anyway. Today, I’ll say only that Trevor Larkin Talks and Listens Episode 19 is live!

Emily Chambers is a fantastic singer/songwriter from the enlightened nation of Canada, currently residing in Nashville TN and touring the world over. She opened up for my friends Jessica Childress and Lawrence (the band) a little while back in LA and Vancouver respectively, with both offering high praise. So, when Emily contacted me asking to pick my brain about Allen Stone Band stuff, I was happy to dedicate some caffeine replenishment time, and it was obvious she possessed a unique energy and perspective.

In addition to her crazy touring schedule, Emily and her partner host a cool Van Jams series, which I highly recommend. Multi-faceted creative types fighting the good fight? ‘Tis a glorious thing.