Day one of the second annual Stone Family Field Trip at Liberty Lake’s in the books, and holy smokes is it ever a postcard worthy setting. Fortified by ten hours sleep and responsibly curtailing my beer consumption towards the end of the night, I feel ready to, well, drink more beer and frolic in the lake, unencumbered and otter-like. And we’re technically here to make music, so I guess we’ll do that, too.  

Our friends Andrew Vait and Emily Westman make up the Seattle-based prog-pop duo Sisters, and their set yesterday was mind blowing - creative, bold, complex and fun. I love, love, LOVE their music, and their talent’s inspired me for years (they both play every instrument under the sun better than I play one instrument, also under the sun). Everyone, please, you owe it to yourselves to check out their tunes, visit their website, and have your third eye opened. I’m grateful they agreed to take part in our humble festival.

Thanks Andrew and Emily! Talented friends are the best.