Important vs Urgent

As my professional life's gotten busier, I've had to delineate more clearly between what's genuinely important and what's "urgent." Busyness is an all-too-common affliction in the music world, and my inner babbling maniac surfaces if my priorities become skewed.  

If something’s actually urgent, people know to call me. I like talking on the phone. If I’m free, I’ll pick up, and if I’m not I’ll call you back promptly. 

Emails with subject lines in all caps, for example, get responded to once I've addressed all my happy brain activities, ie what's important - cognitive therapy exercises, working out, songwriting, a healthy meal. Because an email with a subject line in all caps isn’t urgent. Maybe it was urgent to the sender at the time, and they sure as shit want you to think it's urgent, but they’ve since gotten up from their desk to grab a coffee and subsequently forgotten what the hell it was they were up in arms about. If it were actually urgent, they would have called me, and they didn’t, so I’ll get back to them after I fine-tune this chorus melody. 

As artists, creativity and self-care come first, always. Cheers to our happy brains, my friends!