As Natural As Breathing

I’m writing this on an American Airlines flight from GEG-DFW, grateful that the quote below applies to me.

At the end of a marathon tour, you’re a changed person, and who will I be when the upcoming fall trek wraps? Exciting to think about, and I’m happily allowing my energy and attention to shift towards being gone for a loooooong time.

For the first time in my history with the Allen Stone organization, I’m sharing in earnest the three creative outlets I enjoy most - songwriting, essaying, and conversation. That this deep-dive gets more nuanced and revelatory through travel fills me with giddy anticipation, and you best believe I won’t take for granted a single second out there. 

Who will I be, what will I want, and where will it take me? Art and the craft behind it have yet to lead me wrong, and I’ve never been more excited to plunge, ego-inflated head first, into the great unknown.