Gumbo Unplugged

Every once in a while you encounter art that makes you rethink everything.

With 2017's Gumbo, PJ Morton released one of the coolest R&B records of the past, well, forever, and incredibly his live reimagining's even better, Gumbo Unplugged. Accompanied by a 22-piece orchestra, PJ's songs, arrangements, and the entire band's musicality's motivated me to take a long overdue look in the mirror artistically. I'll be learning every tune, lick, inflection and generally questioning everything about my life.

You can find Gumbo Unplugged anywhere you find records these days, but I HIGHLY recommend setting aside 40mins and watching the live film, an uninterrupted one-take performance of the entire record for a couple dozen lucky fans at Power Station Studios on January 26, 2017. Here's the link.

That something this good's been out for over a year and I'm only now catching on's inspired me to be more proactive about seeking out new art from anywhere and everywhere. Inspiration overload.