Getting Back On Track

Consistent readers (thanks so much, sincerely) may have noticed that Wednesday’s come and gone without a one mic, one take video. I got super sick and lost my voice, so my streak of consecutive weeks posting an original song's broken after a whole, well, two. 

A younger me would’ve beaten myself up and likely abandoned the project entirely. I mean, I've FAILED! What’s the point of doing something if you can’t pull it off 100% of the time?

Thankfully, I’m older now, marginally wiser, and realize that life happens. You get sick. Travel can be crazy. Family comes first. If you miss a workout, does this mean you resign yourself to becoming a fat bastard? Of course not. You chalk it up to life and move forward.

I mean, we're so fortunate that life happens. That you're you at all and not an earthworm or, worse yet, a member of Phish, is pretty miraculous. Embracing this one-in-seven-billion good luck seems like the way to go. I’m learning that being disciplined is actually all about getting back on track and refining your approach so that remaining on track's easier. So, I’m going to enjoy this corporate date with the Allen band, a couple chill days in LA, a solo show in postcard-worthy Central California wine country, and then it’s back to the Nashville grind with fresh perspective and lessons learned.

We artists are insidiously crafty when it comes to convincing ourselves we’re less-than. Let’s all strive to create, share and be courageous, all the while embracing life as a generally awesome state of affairs.