Los Angeles

Los Angeles! I’ve been here so many times now I can get around without the GPS, which is arguably sad but also reassuring. 

I’ve enjoyed a privilaged relationship with this city. I’ve never lived here and always been in town for a reason - gig, recording session, TV appearance, general industry schmooze fest - so I’ve avoided the infamous rat-race that chews up and spits out many an Angeleno. I’m typically flown here on someone else's dime, put up in a fancy hotel and driven around in black cars, happily letting middle-aged industry dudes in converse flex their company amex. My douche armor’s thick these days, and I’m not oblivious to how good I’ve got it.

LA's role in the industry's changed a lot over the past decade. Nowadays, you can build a healthy career anywhere there's an internet connection - big music industry's now an anachronism, which makes LA more palatable from a biz perspective, almost adorable rather than intimidating. This also means I gotta cash in on these free meals while I can haha.  

I’m only in town for a couple days this time around, a few meetings but mostly looking forward to catching up with old friends while not being “on the clock.” Even without lobster showing up unordered at my table, I like this town. Spotting douchebags in LA's about as difficult as catching trout in a stocked lake. You'll be fine. Eat a taco and go on a hike.

I’m often asked “LA or NYC,”  to which I respond, “yes.” It's an arrogant question, anyway. Nashville’s home for now, but I’m grateful for the kick in the tucus visiting the City of Angles invites - it's an exciting place.