Al Stone Recording Sessions, Day 9

Second to last day of tracking!  I originally wrote "penultimate," then realized I've been listening to too much Rush on my way to the studio.

I’m going to miss this routine: showing up early, writing this thing and relaxing into the potential energy of a space that’ll soon explode with creativity and, like, heady vibes bro.

There’s a let down after making a record.  After all the hours spent together reigniting the chemistry, all you want to do’s get back on the road and share the new music RIGHT NOW.  But it doesn’t work like that.  If you’re lucky enough having an engaged label/management team, you necessarily have to pass them the ball, and how long were they waiting on us?  A year?  The reality is this record’s not coming out for a little while.  

And that’s ok.  I’m happy letting the industry hive mind do their thing, and I’ve learned over my seven (!) years in this band that if everyone’s not just as excited as you are then you’re dead in the water.  Better to be patient, explore different creative outlets and fold into the background, Clark Kent style, until it’s time to Put the Band Back Together.  These songs are the best we've ever done, and we owe them that respect.     

It’s interesting how my perspective’s shifted.  The music industry’s changing so much and, these days, I’m grateful for my little slice of the pie.  I’m proud of the music we’ve created here at Sound Emporium- it’s hands down the best Al Stone Band record to date- and it’ll be time when it’s time.  Until then, I’m excited for my own music, writing, podcasting, and seeing where this gloriously nebulous artist life takes me. 

Smooches from the A room!