Al Stone Recording Sessions, Day 8

Overdub time!  

Like I mentioned, this record’s got a lot more cool guitar shit on it, which is to say riffs: gargantuan, mosh pit-opening, devil horn-raising wahoooooooo moments.  Ok, I might be overstating things, but holy smokes am I having fun!  Overdubs for me consist of hey, should we double that cool part with an octave fuzz?  Yes?  Ok, let’s double that cool part with an octave fuzz.  Then I drink more coffee.  

There’s not a ton of noodly white-guy-blues happening (when it’s there, it stands out and actually sounds cool) and most of the textural stuff’s being tasked to kooky synthesizers and bizarro studio gizmos.  I’m digging the direction.  Swatty and I will break off today for a sectional and see if there’s ear candy to be found, and I think we’re tackling talkbox overdubs which will be siiiiiiiick, but the real challenge for me’s balancing my caffeine vs. food intake so I don’t start raving like a jittery lunatic at our assistant engineer, Zack.  

All in all, I’m feeling pretty good.  Ordered some neat books, wearing clean-ish pants and probably won’t order a salad for lunch but will definitely talk about ordering a salad for lunch.