Al Stone Recording Sessions, Day 10

Last day at Sound Emporium!  It’s already chaotic, with camera crews running around and the last minute panic setting in of oh shit, the label’s brought in a goddamn camera crew and we still have a ton of overdubs to lay down.  We’ve necessarily had to change the studio’s entire footprint to accommodate the video stuff, which is fine I guess, but it’s an irritating disruption and I’ve excused myself so that I might write this in a throne.  All this said, there’s a cool buzz in the room- we know we’ve made a really, really, really good record, and we’re excited.  

Because there’s a camera crew, everyone’s ditched their tracksuits in favor of attire you’d maybe actually wear in public, and our time of hunkering down all nerdy-like making blip-bloop noises is officially over.  I was just chatting with Jamie about how we’ll miss these sessions: it’s been fantastic, with lifelong friends made and similarly fashion-challenged comrades embraced.  One more 16 hour day to go. 

We did real good.  Thanks for being patient, the new music’s worth the wait.  I promise.