Singing of Praise, Pt. 1

We’re officially on the homestretch, and it’s only appropriate that I sing the praises of everyone who’s just as masochistic and bat-shit nuts as I am, ie my touring comrades. They also happen to be infinitely capable, patient, and friends for life.

To Ryan “Bear” Drozd, the most infinitely capable and patient of us all - thank you. Tour managing is the most difficult job in our industry, and that you pull it off flawlessly while also mixing the freaking show every night is Herculean. You’ve turned the touring culture around, and Jesus Christ just look at his suit, folks. I don’t bring you peanut butter cups frequently enough, and for that I’m sorry.

You're the best in the business, and congrats on the shout out today from Avid (a BIG deal in the live sound world). Know that I’m writing this in my bunk, mere feet from your inarguably brilliant self enjoying a well-deserved cold one, feeling lucky that you’re at the helm and not certain unnamed parties who don’t know the difference between Cleveland and Akron.