I’m writing this from the greenroom at the House of Blues in Cleveland, Ohio. As a spoiled band guy, I get to waltz into the venue, well, provided it’s before soundcheck I can show up pretty much whenever. If our crew’s already drenched in sweat and cursing under their breaths when I arrive in my puffy jacket and fucking scarf, I frantically begin looking for some Lord of the Rings-esque quest to embark on in hopes of thwarting the ancient evils of this world. 

Thankfully, Samwise and I get today off - the house crew’s on point, our crew’s smiling, and we’ve sold out the venue. This is especially sweet, given the last time we played this HOB the promoter got cold feet and demoted us to the “upstairs room,” ie we played the bar. Let me say, too, that the promoter was 100% justified in booting us from the main hall. We had not, in fact, sold very many tickets, and that’s why I love Cleveland and the mid-west in general - people here are honest and precious with their attention, and that we’ve had to prove ourselves feels proper. 

Thank you, Cleveland, for letting us come back year after year. Tonight’s going to be fun.