Support Each Other

Yesterday was one of those days. I was Mr. Grumpy McGrumpypants for no reason, had a fake-it-til-ya-make it show, and figured I’d disappear into my bunk, listen to black metal, and generally “woe is me” myself to sleep. 

But a friend asks me to come out and say hi, and I eventually harrumph my way to front of house - a quality harrumph, it must be said. My nondescript despondency’s derailed by exuberant show reenactments (bro, when you and Swatty go weedly-wee back and forth…BRO!), and I can’t help but smile.

It’s a welcome reminder that the thing we do is a force for good in the world - feel however I need to feel on the day, because being human’s just fine, but don’t disregard the other vulnerable and searching souls met along the way. We can support each other.