Weekly Thoughts

The MoaT returns in its new weekly format!

As mentioned last week, this may only be a temporary shift away from daily writing, but as of now, it feels good.

Being an artist’s a tricky gig, what with our befuddling, omni-shifting worlds, every imbalance a potential micro tear in the fabric of our fragile psyche. We are, all of us, delicate flowers, and voluntarily putting one’s self in the Truman Show can be a bit much.

Sharing my writing everyday has been a catalyst for so much positive change, but, at the moment, it’s wonderful inhaling and exhaling within my fortress of relative solitude, enjoying as much insulation as an ignoramus with a podcast can expect. 

Now, some updates…

Allen Stone -

There’s not a whole lot I’m allowed to announce, but rest assured you’ll be seeing our despicable mugs on national television in the next few months. Building Balance is out Nov 8th, and full-band touring begins the top of 2020.

It’s exciting knowing the Al Stone world’s waking up again, and I’m grateful my other creative outlets subdue somewhat my megalomaniacal lust for power. Which brings me to…

Climb The Sky -

A single every month, my friends! “Out Here On My Own” is available everywhere - here’s a Spotify link.

CTS is me, Gid and Gabe in a studio, giggling and dancing and engaging in buffoonery, releasing music as fast as we can write and record it. 

It’s cathartic for the three of us, happily successful in other projects, to let the story unfold through the songs, allowing the biz, such as it is, to come to us.

Trevor Larkin Talks and Listens Podcast - 

This week, I’m chatting with Bobby Chase, a composer, multi-instrumentalist, and just about the nicest, lowest-key musical genius you'll ever meet. I became a fan after hearing his piece for string quartet, "Dreamweaver," debuted at the Parthenon in Nashville TN, and he graciously allowed me to share said piece at the end of the episode.

Again, thank you all for supporting this new format. See you next Monday!