Changing to Weekly (for now)

For the next couple months, I’m going to experiment with the Mind of a Trevor becoming a weekly rather than daily newsletter. 

I started the MoaT 630(ish) days ago. 

In virtually every facet of my life, I felt slowed by overthought and unrealistic expectations. Through the MoaT’s daily accountability, I rediscovered the imperfect beauty in endeavoring to be better, and simply paying attention.  

Now, I’m in two bands I love, better shape than I was in my 20s, and possess a halfway decent grasp on not being an asshole.

Don’t worry, I’ll still mostly ramble, and occasionally be accidentally edifying, but I’m conscious of feeling overexposed, and it’ll be healthier, for now anyway, to bombard your inboxes a little less.

Thank you for coming along on this wonderful and evolving journey. See you next week!