Heart's Still Here

I found myself at a party several years ago. 

In the early Al Stone days, I found myself at a lot of places, every bit the ecstatic puppy with his head hanging out the window, saying yes to every transparently moronic thing and not drinking enough water. 

I’m in conversation with an investment banker. I say conversation, but he’s cornered me at this party, out of his mind on blow, talking at me about, I suppose, life.

“Always wanted to play in a band. But I wanted to be a millionaire by 30, so I chose investment banking. My wife just left me.”

“You don’t say?” I say.

“Hey, do you have any…”

“I have nothing you could possibly want, ever, and it’s been time for me to leave this party for quite some time now. Goodbye.” 

I get formal when I’m upset. 

Later that night, I remember thinking that no matter where this ride takes me, the minute my heart’s gone, I’m out. Because there’s no way I’m ending up like that piece of shit investment banker. 

My musical journey hasn’t been easy. I’ve been broke, exhausted, manipulated, cheated, and disappointed more times than I can count. 

But I still wake up everyday committed to fighting the good fight, treating people fairly, and creating with an authentic voice. 

My heart’s still here.