New Standards

Delta Rae’s kickstarter campaign’s raised over $174k in 48 hours. 

Taylor Swift and Melissa Etheridge retweeted it. Seven people have donated $10k or more, and Rolling Stone country’s taken notice.

I’m not anti-music industry, but I find complacency abhorrent. Scott Borchetta, the Goliath to Delta Rae’s four-part harmony David, is an easy target, and within his bedazzled, anachronistic nonsense, the takeaway’s obvious:

Artists are writing great songs, finding an audience, and putting out music however the hell we feel like. We are talented, engaged, courageous entrepreneurs, and it’s fucking fantastic calling our own shots. 

The times they are a changin’, and changin’ fast. It’ll be too much for most, maybe especially for famous names from the old guard. We must stop seeking approval from these people and pave our own way.

The industry’s only as good as the music propelling it, and that - thank god - is on us. It’s up to labels and managers to meet the new standard we’re setting.