Delta Rae

Dedicated MoaT readers know how big of a Delta Rae fan I am, and yesterday they launched a Kickstarter campaign for their two album concept, The Light and The Dark.

Delta Rae broke right around the same time as the Al Stone Band, in early 2012, propelled by viral YouTube videos and a touring schedule that’d make Black Flag soil themselves.

They, like us, released a successful indie record and decided to drink the oh-so-delectable major label Kool Aid (Warner Bros and Big Machine in their case, Capitol in ours).

Both projects enjoy a uniquely rabid fanbase of discerning musos who actively encourage putting out music, playing shows that make sense, and building a timeless, bulletproof empire of awesomeness and inclusivity, while actively discouraging Kool Aid of any kind, much less the drinking of it.

And, as of recently, Delta Rate no longer requires the stamp of approval from middle aged men in bedazzled jeans.

Eric, Ian, Brittany, Grant, Mike, and Liz - if there’s a band more qualified to call their own shots, I’d like to meet ‘em. You’re my friends, and you inspire me.

I backed their campaign today. You should, too.