Cantankerous Mooncalf

I’m writing this on my comfortable couch in my comfortable little house, about to be en route to the least comfortable place on earth - the Los Angeles International Airport. 

In fact, when this hits your inboxes, I’ll still be at the Los Angeles International Airport, rocking back and forth in some dusty corner of the Tom Bradley International Terminal, deep in existential crisis.

My utter disgust towards the Los Angeles International Airport’s ameliorated somewhat by knowing I’m about to eat my body weight in Vegemite and Tim Tams, and if the port of exit to happy, dancing music fans in a different freaking hemisphere’s your lone source of acridity, well, you’re holding some damn fine cards, you cantankerous mooncalf.

Oh, and here’s a link to the new Climb The Sky video, an acoustic(ish) live performance of “Neverland” from Gid and Gabe’s studio.