As bands get bigger, things become, if not more complicated, certainly just, well, more. More cooks in the kitchen, more inflated egos, more contractually obligated distractions. And, thankfully, more travel, more zany friends, and more opportunities to distance one’s self from a career in the actuarial sciences.

The Allen Stone project’s headlining in Australia will be nourishing for the soul - zero strategizing on how to coax taciturn rabbits out of hats, or talk of moving needles, just sold out gigs for diehard fans who’ve supported Al and the band from the beginning. As it should be. 

I cherish every opportunity to play these songs with these musicians and work with this crew. It’s a special chemistry, one I don’t take for granted for a second. Life’s a glorious, twisty-turny affair, and wherever I end up will be thanks to lessons learned in the trenches with these legends.