My Friend, Bear

This is my friend, Ryan “Bear” Drozd.

You know him as Allen Stone’s tour manager, the definition of infinitely capable, and in all ways a walking buddha of a gem of a human being. He is my hero.

He’s also working South By Southwest right now, aka SXSW (registered trademark). The festival’s a “big deal” and “right of passage,” and at one time genuinely was an important showcase for independent artists. Now? There’s a stage sponsored by Doritos.

So, my friend Bear is miserable.

He’s doing a good job, some might say too good of a job, and sure could use your encouragement. Follow him at @makethislouder. Consider sending him a message extolling his numerous virtues, and should you encounter him on the dystopian hellscape that is Austin’s 6th Street, buy him a slice of pizza pie and tell him it’ll all be ok, because in one short month he’ll meet up with his pal Trevor at the Los Angeles International Airport, whereupon his praises will be sung at obnoxious volume and Bloody Mary’s will be bottomless.