Finding Out

My new band has a name! To be revealed at our very first show, at the 5 Spot in Nashville, March 23rd at 6pm.

Also on March 23rd, we’ll release two singles, a music video, and our first run of shirts, design courtesy of the brilliant Calamity Sam. 

These past couple months have been non-stop comfort zone pushing. I feel a little overexposed, and a whole lot discombobulated. In the past, I would’ve made deals with myself, how it’s ok to take a break, maybe even delay the project all together, content indefinitely to slip back into the warm bath that is Allen Stone world. 

But I won’t stop. I’ll keep pushing with every musterable ounce of hard-earned discipline, having long ago memorized every inner demon’s tired monologue. 

The old excuses are played out. Who am I now? Where am I going? With this new band, I plan on finding out.