Move Diligently

It’s been a strange year so far. 

Granted, we’re only five weeks in, so there’s time for course correction, but I hope that doesn’t happen. It’s like my neighbor Big Country diving into Reptilian conspiracy theories when we first met - strange, and vaguely terrifying, but the lunacy is the highlight of my day, and each day without it feels hollow.

I’ve been absorbed in writing and recordings songs, and the hugeness of getting a new project off the ground. It’s feels good, hunkering down and creating, my life turning into to a long-running battle between me and a blank page, between me and what happens next. 

Thankfully, writing this newsletter for 403 straight days has brought out a doggedness I’m proud of, and having answers, or even pursuing them, feels inauthentic. Better to put my head down and move diligently through a world that seems brighter when you’ve created something that wasn’t there before.