Ecstatically Lost

I received a good amount of playful flack after referencing Guy Berryman from Coldplay the other day, but it’s encouraging how many readers are taking his Synchro Sunday idea to heart and making the time to listen to, if not an entire album, at least some amount of music with headphones, or through decent speakers, and really digging in. 

It’s inspiring what you pick up on. For example, I’ve listened to “Something” by the Beatles countless times, but I’ve never zeroed in on Ringo’s drums, and low and behold the groove during the bridge is a revelation. 

In Radiohead’s “There There,” Jonny Greenwood plays this gnarly, barely audible farty guitar line that I’ve missed for seventeen freaking years, and I couldn’t help but laugh out loud, eliciting dagger-like stares from industrious hipsters designing websites at the next table.

I’m lucky to be involved with music at a level where there are managers and booking agents and labels and all that, and fan as I am of well-intentioned and occasionally edifying adderall-fueled rants, it’s easy getting bogged down with stuff that has nothing to do with music. Shutting out the world, closing my eyes, and getting ecstatically lost for three and half minutes does wonders for the soul.