Widdly-Wah Stuff

Every morning, I sit down with the guitar for about 30 minutes. I’m usually listening to a podcast or otherwise letting my mind wander, but I like checking in first thing - how does the instrument feel in my hands, and maybe go fishing for a cool lick or two as the first cup of coffee kicks in.

I’m carrying a lot of tension right now, in my forearms, picking hand, and lower back, and in addition to a couple hours a day of instenso stretcho yoga (that’s the technical term, right?), I’m trying to play as relaxed as possible, focusing on closing my eyes, breathing deeply, and slowing down.

As a recovering shred dude, my security blanket’s fleet-of-fingy widdly-wah stuff, which is great for Instagram videos but precious little else. Voluntarily limiting myself to simple rhythmic motifs and unhurried melodies is a weight lifted, and it’s encouraging noticing intentionality returning to my playing as opposed to “well, it’s another show, I guess I’ll do the thing that makes people take out their phones.”