Sharing songs, for me at least, is pretty emotionally draining, so the day after releasing new music I typically go dark(ish) - emails can wait, no staring at screens (except to write this, of course), and for the love of whatever you find holy in this world NO FUCKING SOCIAL MEDIA. Instead, I like surrounding myself with good people (going to the Ripe show again tonight) and getting stuck into some quality reading, always fiction, the more absurd and fantastical the better. Courageously baring one’s soul isn’t efficaciously counterbalanced by Tim Ferriss injecting stem cells into his genitals.

A nice number of people bought “Neverland” today and yesterday. Thank you. If you like, you can check it out here. I donated my share of the proceeds to MusiCares, an organization that helps music people in times of need, and will continue doing so. It’s a humble offering, but makes me happy.