The Delta Rae Revival was exactly what I expected, which is to say mind blowing - if you live in Nashville or near enough, ie the lower 48, you HAVE TO SEE THIS SHOW. I won’t spoil it for you, aside from saying they brought out fucking Cheap Trick(!) as a special guest and I lost my goddamn mind. CHEAP TRICK!!!! I mean, I can’t imagine they’ll bring out Cheap Trick every Wednesday, but a metal nerd can dream, and knowing my friends I’m sure each show will be filled with equally devil-horn-worthy surprises. Band’s like Delta Rae don’t come around very often. They’re fighting the good fight, and it’s inspiring.

I’m lucky having friends doing their thing at a high level, and rather than being envious I’m excited to discover where my ceiling is. I mean, I know I’m not slacking, but I'm ready to do more, and with greater intention. How would it feel doing the things I say I’m gonna do 100% of the time? Pretty sweet, I bet. 

The timing for the Allen Stone Band tour’s perfect - momentum, excitement, full Rock and Roll McDonald’s mode, and within that obsessively redlining my creativity, output, and (hopefully) endearing weirdness.