Delta Rae Revival

Every Wednesday from tonight until the end of the year, Delta Rae will be performing at the Basement in Nashville. From what little I know about the show (they've been annoyingly hush-hush), it’s going to be ambitious, equal parts performance art and celebration of their deep catalogue. I'm heading to the venue in a few mins and can't wait to find out.  

I’m proud of my friends. The music business is one where bandwidth gets exhausted quickly. Expectations from managers, labels, publicists, booking agents and, of course, fans, can compound to an overwhelming degree, and it takes unique conviction to speak up over the din and say look, here’s the vision, this is what we want and here’s how we’re going to do it. 

Delta Rae’s killing the game. They have the industry machine behind them, and therefore every excuse to coast and scapegoat, which is a beguiling path in such a bizarro world. And they don’t. They’re telling the big shots where to aim, not a stance always encouraged by the powers that be. Kudos to my pals for being visionary badasses, and for takin' no shit.

Check out their website. Watch their latest music video, stream their tunes, and of course come to a Delta Rae Revival show. The Rick and Morty closing credit says it best, and goddammit who doesn't like a bow tie?