Double Middle Digits

I’m luxuriating into my final couple weeks here in Nashville, ahead of the game planning-wise for the tour, excited to meet head on this undefined but inevitably exciting next chapter. 

I’ve been getting a fair amount of email regarding this “next chapter” business, so let me clarify - I’m still very much part of the Allen Stone team and have every intention of sharing the stage with my brothers-in-arms for the foreseeable future. But these other sides of me - songwriting, explorations through conversation, and prose writing - I’ve largely kept to myself until recently. And I’ll be sharing songs again in earnest this Fall, the podcast hits the road with the band, and the MoaT’s not stopping anytime soon.

Not too long ago, I would’ve fought back against calmness. I’m missing something, clearly, and shouldn’t I be working harder, better, smarter? I realize now that, yes, I am, and I suppose I could be, sure. 2018’s been about shifting focus away from global domination and towards the almost imperceptible clues from the universe that I’m not fucking it all up. They're there, it turns out, and have been for quite some time.

Emboldened to share, and share relentlessly, I couldn’t tell you what’s around the next bend. I can’t wait to find out.