Make a Friend Smile

Today's been bizarre and stressful, so I sent a friend a picture of some monkeys.

I took it in Bali three years ago at the Ubud Monkey Forest. Hardly Nat Geo worthy, but it makes me happy. And I knew the recipient would get a kick out of it, and making someone else's day's a sure-fire way to ensure your day's pretty great, too.

Many readers of this newsletter are in the music business, which is to say certifiable - if lovable - maniacs, inclined towards hyperbolic, existential dread. I stand proudly among you. And I know when I'm feeling lost, which is often, I don't need "answers." Because I'm not lost, not really. Delicate, overstimulated, a little lonely? Sure. But I remain steadfast in believing my art's worth it. I bet you'd say the same for yourself. 

So, it's not really about the Tony Robbins bullshit - I'm happy leaving that to some douchebag who thinks he can still dunk. I'm all about making a friend smile.