Episode 14 w/ Greg Ehrlich

Trevor Larkin Talks and Listens #14 is live, with none other than the great man himself, Greg Ehrlich. He's a chef, entrepreneur, and the former organ player in Allen Stone's band.

From 2011-2016, Greg and I played hundreds of shows together, circumnavigated the globe a few times, and experienced our lives change in that one-in-a-million sorta way we all grow up dreaming about. That Greg was able to look himself in the mirror, have the maturity and perspective to recognize he wanted something different and, with balls the size of watermelons, decide to leave the one-in-a-million thing, thereby actualizing his true self...my friends, this is a rare breed of superhuman. 

Greg Ehrlich has and always will inspire me, and it was the highlight of the podcast handing the mic over to my brother-in-arms.

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