Rocky Mountain Hello

I’m writing this from the enlightened republic of Colorado, a quick overnight stop in the greater Denver area for a radio conference, shaking hands, kissing babies, and wearing a jazz hat, all in the name of fame, fortune, and run-on sentences.

I almost moved to Denver a couple years ago. Sure, it’s a lot of white people in Patagonia, and Phish is popular to a concerning degree, but the weather’s amazing, the mountains gorgeous, and the hipsters are at least physically fit. I’m happy in Nashville for the time being, but I can see myself, perhaps alarmingly, noodle dancing in climbing shoes and picking granola out of my teeth with a bio-degradable straw. 

Anyway, both “Brown Eyed Lover” and “Warriors” are being pushed to radio, which is flattering and cool, regardless of whether or not they find a home on the anachronistic terrestrial airwaves - it means more travel, which is my favorite part of this crazy life, more shows, and more opportunities to expand into the new space I’m carving out by sharing my art in earnest. 

Exciting times ahead, and I'm grateful to be out here, fighting the good fight.