Tokyo Drifting Into the Driveway

Today was a full, happy day, and full, happy days usually conclude with my Tokyo drifting into the driveway while cranking metal at terrifying volume, Mastodon in this case. I’m writing this with still-ringing ears, optimistic that, in all things, loud rock and roll is the answer. 

Had a fantastic podcast with Gideon and Gabe Klein, a hyper-talented production duo here in Nashville, and they spontaneously offered to track a full band one-take video with me, power trio style. I showed them a new tune I wrote called “Neverland,” and away we went. Loud guitars, lots of add9 chords, a John Paul Jones-inspired bass line from Gideon, and Gabe on drums following my direction to a T - you know all that dumb, caveman shit you’d ordinarily get made fun of for playing? Yeah, do that. It was the most fun possible.

Listening back in the control room, I realize I’m digging the minute flaws and idiosyncrasies that make up 2018 Trevor. There’s a human being there, brimming with flummoxing, unwarranted confidence, but his aim’s true. 

Oscar Wilde said it best, as he usually does - be yourself, everyone else is taken.