William Byrd

Inspired by my recent Jacob Collier rabbit hole, I’ve been digging into William Byrd these past few days. Don’t feel bad if you haven’t heard of him, he’s not a SoundCloud artist, YouTube sensation, or in Kanye’s entourage. In fact, he’s dead. And I mean REALLY dead. Like punching out in 1623 dead. 

Anyway, Byrd wrote all kinds of inspired stuff during the Renaissance, and his choral work’s especially amazing. Here’s a link to Mass in Four Voices, the King’s Singers. It’s haunting, intricate, and hypnotic, a welcome counterbalance to the Slayer I was blasting earlier.

And if that doesn’t sell it, YouTube commenter Royce Zaro, from two years ago, is correct - at 9:23, it does sound like they’re singing “genitals on fire.”

Nothing like a relaxing Sunday afternoon eating jellybeans and listening to choral music from the 1590’s. This is what you're missing, ladies.