Rock Operas

Today was a busy and surreal day. Spock's Beard? Transatlantic? Never heard of 'em? Doesn't surprise me. But you certainly have if you're a progressive rock nerd, and the maniac behind these bands is a dude named Neal Morse, a legend in the prog rock community and personal musical hero of mine.

Turns out, he lives in Nashville, and there's a thriving prog rock community here. Of course he does, and of course there is. He knows who I am, which makes pimply, teenaged Trevor very very happy, and asked me to sing(!) is his latest rock opera for MorseFest. Yes, there's a progressive rock festival in Nashville named after a guy you've never heard of that attracts thousands of odd-time-signature-clapping, doomed-to-be-single dudes. Hits a little close to home, but I proudly count myself among them.

First rehearsal was tonight, and it went well. I have a deep love for this bizarre, nerdy music, and it's a welcome detour before heading out with Al Stone and the fellas.