Why Aren't You Famous?

I just wrapped up a lovely interview, initially about gear used on the upcoming Allen Stone record, then morphing quickly into discussions on travel, our current political climate, and embracing new media. I’m curious how it comes together in print - I don’t envy the editor - and thankfully Nick Bearden and Jamie Lidell forwarded formidable gear lists, so the internet will be appeased. 

“How come you haven’t been interviewed more?” she asks. “Why don’t more people know who you are?”

Right?! Come on, fame and/or fortune. It’s your friend, Trevor. I’VE BEEN HERE THE WHOLE TIME.

But I know what she means, and it's flattering being asked. Honestly, I don’t know why artists become well known, aside from the usual suspects - isn't a sociopath, bathes regularly, etc. I feel our responsibility as creatives is to share the things about which we’re passionate, make sure the fridge is filled with non-condiment food, and let the chips fall where they may. It’s not our responsibility to over-explain ourselves and fit into convenient boxes. After years of knocking on every door imaginable and being told to stay out in the proverbial rain, I’m happy digging what I dig and letting the universe unfold as it should. 

In the meantime, between the Not Famous Podcast, Trevor Larkin Talks and Listens, and the handful of podcasts I’ve guested on, there’s over 70 hours of my talking on the internet. I’ve also released over two albums worth of original music via Spotify and one-take videos on YouTube. There’s plenty of Trevor stuff to look at and listen to if you’re so inclined.

And you guys subscribe to this thing! You're all aces in my book.