Zac Clark's Summer Tour

I met Zac Clark back in 2013 - we summited Bro Mountain together along with our bandmates in Andrew McMahon in the Wilderness and Allen Stone, opening for OAR on what's still the most fun tour I've ever been a part of.  

I met Zac's bandmates Mikey the Kid and Bob Oxblood in 2012 - they played bass and guitar respectively in Jack's Mannequin, the first big band to take us Al Stone misfits out on the road. 

Collectively, they're a mighty artistic force, and I'm beyond stoked they're collaborating on Zac Clark's summer run. I caught their show last night in Nashville and was grinning ear-to-ear the entire night. Think effortless, Laurel Canyon-inspired melodies meets 70's era NYC punk swagger.

Do everything in your power, legal or otherwise, to catch this tour, for the love of whatever higher power floats your boat.

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