Sneaky Bastards

I’m asked regularly how and why I write everyday. 

The “how” isn’t particularly impressive (I sit down and do it) and the “why,” initially at least, was an equal letdown (it seemed like a good idea at the time). Over the course of six-plus months, despite my aversion to self-improvement, some neat benefits have crept up on me, the sneaky bastards.  

I used to be awful at waking up in the morning - it’d take several hours just to convince myself to drag a toothbrush across my chompers, much less carpe that diem. I decided to write this newsletter early in the AM, hoping that getting the gears spinning first thing might shake up the ol’ brain box. 

Within a week, my morning lethargy was gone - decades of annoyance brought on by chirping birds and other unwelcome first-light whimsy straight up over, just like that (I snapped my fingers, for all you visual people). Now, by the time I’m ready to start my day, I’m sharp, focused, and ready for whatever a day looks like for someone who’s never had a real job.

I plan on writing this newsletter indefinitely, but if and when the time comes to hang up the proverbial sneakers, I’ll always write every morning.