The Best Amp Settings Ever

I'm writing this from the Dallas/Fort Worth International Airport. Sigh. But it's been an exciting several days in the Allen Stone universe, the most fun we've had on stage as a band, and I'm eager to share more tomorrow when I'm not so sleep deprived. For now, as the resignation sets in that I'm about to pay a thousand dollars for a profoundly dismal approximation of a sandwich, I'll share this picture of my amp from a few tours back. 

I received all manner of derision when I originally posted this, both for what I thought were the obvious mock setting preferences (aren't you afraid you're gonna blow your speakers?!) and how the amp's actually dialed (bro, lemme know if you need a lesson on good tone). I beg your forgiveness, Online Guitar Community. Thankfully, for our upcoming marathon tour, I'll be in the hands of Steve "Bluto" Libby, tech to the stars (and also me), who will have my amp singing like Pavarotti.