Six Months!

Today’s the six month anniversary of The Mind of a Trevor daily email newsletter! It’s not popular enough yet to warrant a cease and desist from The Mind of a Chef, but we’re getting there. 

I love writing and have wanted to get a blog up and running for years. In typical me fashion, initial attempts were overly ambitious and destined to end up exactly where they did - in a smoldering heap of unactualized potential, along with my 3-point shot and break dancing ability.

The only thing I hadn’t tried actually made sense, and therefore was unappealing - short, light-hearted and, on good days, readable posts, and do it every day. If it’s longer than one thumb scroll, chuck it. No targeted demographics, no “point” to speak of other than personal accountability.

I’ve written approximately 72,000 words so far, well on my way to a long-ish novel’s worth of readable, if not Pulitzer-worthy, sentences. The first six months have been foolhardy, not particularly sexy, with minimal viral potential…aka, very me. I'm proud of that.

And I can officially say I'm a writer! Thank you all for reading. It’s flattering and humbling, your following along with my daily musings. I don’t plan on stopping anytime soon.