Rock and, time permitting, Roll

I’m writing this from the Best Western “Plus” in Pasadena, CA, with just enough time to jot down a few sentences before lobby call and an early onsite arrival at Arroyo Seco. We’re first on the main stage, Los Angelenos, 1-1:45pm, so come say hi, which unfortunately means paying about $200 on Stubhub. 

This morning, I’m just grateful for my little slice of the pie. The coffee at the Best Western “Plus” is uniquely dismal, but I’m here drinking it goddammit and that makes me happy. The fellas and I are fighting the good fight, after seven years and every excuse imaginable not to do so. I'm proud of that.  

Many friends in bands I love are out playing festivals this weekend - let’s appreciate that we sing into microphones for a living - that's actually a thing that happens, and we get to do it. It can always be better, sure, but that’s a well-trodden trail of dismal return and, just for today, maybe let's abandon that tedious mindset. We’ve got it good. We really do. Through our humble means - our songs and ever-fledgling dreams - let’s kick today squarely in the happy sacks. 

Rock and, time permitting, Roll, my friends.