Carlos Vela's Number 11

One of these days, flying BNA-LAX direct will be an option due to this “fame and fortune” I’ve heard so much about, but until then it’s a familiar refrain: I’m writing this from the Dallas/Ft Worth International Airport.

Mexico’s playing South Korea in the World Cup, and the International Terminal’s buzzing - football fans from all over the world, overwhelmingly in support of Mexico, huddle around every available glowing surface, gasping, laughing and exchanging high-fives, while exasperated gate agents beg everyone to please, pretty please, get on the (expletive deleted) plane, there’s already an airport-wide delay because people won’t get on the (expletive deleted) plane and there’ll be in-flight updates, they promise. 

I’m glued to the tube at Tingin’s “Irish” Pub and Restaurant, also cheering like a maniac for our neighbors to the south. A young couple from Mexico City slide into the booth next to mine - they painted their faces before going through security (as did half the terminal) and hey, would I like a Mexico jersey? It’s ok, they brought extras. I’m now clinking glasses with my new airport buddies, rocking Carlos Vela’s number 11. 

I realize that Ryan “Bear” Drozd will be annoyed if I don’t actually, you know, show up in Los Angeles, so I reluctantly head to my gate just in time for “final call for passenger Larkin…” I give the jersey to a passing father and son - I feel like that’s its purpose, bringing joy to the travel weary. Maybe it’ll make the rounds at DFW and lift spirits for days to come.