I’m moderating a panel at the Music Biz 2018 conference on Monday here in Nashville (10:15-11am at Music Row 5, for those attending). Catered to those just entering the industry, we’ll be discussing five pillars that make up a solid music business foundation - operations, performance, branding, publicity and marketing.

I’m writing this mid-afternoon at the Red Bicycle, having decided to delay the newsletter in order to catch a matinee of the new Avengers movie. It was awesome. I’ve timed my Red Bicycle visit perfectly with their donut turnover, so I’m typing with my right hand and, with my left, shoving free donuts into my face. I’m wearing a thread-bare Bernhoft t-shirt from 2015. I’ve never had a real job.

Clearly, I’m infinitely qualified to moderate a prestigious industry panel. It’s at times like these I’m grateful for Jeremy Hatcher and Trey McDermott, who inspired my launching the Not Famous Podcast and Trevor Larkin Talks and Listens, respectively. I’ve logged 40+ hours of meandering conversations with complete strangers, preserved on the internet forever, so I reckon I’ll hold my own just fine.

You never know when a project or experience will save your bacon, and I’m lucky there’re friends in my life who push my comfort zones. I mean, likely for their own amusement, but turns out there’s something in it for me, too.  

Oh, and I'm playing a solo show in Cleveland tomorrow night with my good pal Ross Livermore. Coda, in the Tremont neighborhood. Usual show time. Come hang, Clevelandians!