Say How You Feel

3 mics (!), 1 take video for ya!

My dear friend Samantha Frances from Frances and the Foundation joins me on this one. After wrapping the first episode of my new podcast (she's guest numero uno), Samantha graciously agreed to arrange vocal harmonies on the spot for a song of mine she'd never heard and perform it with an ignoramus in Trey McDermott's backyard. She is, in a word, legendary. The result's light-hearted, spontaneous and exactly what I want to achieve with these 1 take videos.   

Here’s the video, and lyrics below.




it’s the strangest thing

how a lie can seek asylum on an angel’s wing

while demons fall like dominoes and crown me king

guess I don’t know the first thing about the world

or this girl


or a siren song

whose melody’s hypnotic as my head is strong

but I will not die a poster child for what goes wrong

when lust as love as loneliness combine

and intertwine


just say how you feel


so I lock my cell

and a heart remains unbroken, but it won’t go well

in a lunatic asylum where the fortunes tell

rumors about the way we used to love

or the lack there of


just say how you feel